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Hello #NewYork ✌️🗽 working from the @AceHotel NY by Roman and Williams (@stephenalesch) #architecture #interiors #archdaily #instagood (at Ace Hotel New York)




© LYCS architecture  Cat Table designed to keep your cat off you keyboard.  Via TreeHugger


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eMotion Spheres - robotic innovator Festo released this video of spherical drones flying in smart formations. The swarm acts cooperatively to maintain dynamic formations, while each individual drone is smart enough to return to a charging station when it nears the end of its battery capacity. The spheres are lighter than air balloons, equipped with electric fans for positional control. Combined with clever lighting effects, they certainly look mesmerizing.

The drones use small propellers to move, and a central computer coordinates the swarm using a system of cameras and infrared markers on each drone. The drones autonomously return to charging stations on the ground when they get low on juice.

We imagine art installations using such a system, and Festo suggests more practical applications where “indoor GPS” would be used to track products or coordinate worker robots and vehicles inside a factory.



Street Level, #Prada #Aoyama by Herzog & de Meuron 🇯🇵 #architecture #archdaily #tokyo #instagood #iphonesia (at PRADA表参道)



Cloths of Heaven, new print from Seb Lester.

British designer and 8 Faces interviewee, Seb Lester, released a new limited edition print today. ‘Cloths of Heaven’, based on the poem ‘Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven’ by W B Yeats, is available both as a print and embroidered artwork.
“Yeats’s poem references ‘embroidered cloths’ and ‘gold and silver threads’, so I wanted to try to make the screen print look like an exquisite and timelessly beautiful piece of highly ornamental needlework. I’ve drawn from Medieval, Renaissance and 18th-century sources but I have also tried to integrate personal, progressive and irreverent flourishing ideas. The result is a hybrid stylistic treatment that I think could only exist in the 21st century.”
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